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Optimise your health, exercise, and nutrition with genetically tailored reports and actions.

Upload your DNA data - $49Take a DNA test - $149

Unlock 125+ health and fitness reports from a single saliva sample.

Your health and fitness starts with you. Minimise potential health risks and optimise your daily routine with over 125 lifestyle and genetic traits and regular updates.

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Provide a one-time saliva sample. It's all we need to deliver your personalised trait reports, as well as all new releases.

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Return your sample to our ISO-accredited laboratory. Your DNA will be analysed using the latest genome sequencing technology.

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Your results will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. Start following your recommended actions to optimise your health and fitness.

Manage all of your genetic reports and actions online.

Access all of your trait reports, personalised insights, and recommended actions via our secure, online members area. Save your actions to your personal action wallet to turn them into daily habits.

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Access personalised, goal-specific workout plans.

Take your results to the next level with a workout plan tailored to your personal DNA.

By identifying your optimal training frequency, volume, rest periods and tempo, our in-house coaching team deliver a 4, 8, or 12-week workout plan that you can follow at the gym or from home.

So whether you're looking to Get Fit, Build Muscle, Lose Weight or Get Lean, reach your goal as quickly as possible with a workout plan that's truly personalised.

Additional purchase necessary.

Mobile of a Build Muscle: Starter workout

Hear how FitnessGenes helped Misty change her life.

Feeling helpless about her weight gain, Misty Girgle turned to FitnessGenes. Hear how unlocking her personal DNA helped Misty to drop the weight, evaluate her diet options, and regain her confidence.

Your two options to unlocking your FitnessGenes results.

All FitnessGenes products include:

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125+ health and fitness traits

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Personalised insights & actions

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Regular trait releases & updates

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Free 1-week workout plan

DNA upload

Instant access to all results with existing DNA data.

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Upload your existing DNA data from providers including 23andMe and AncestryDNA.

Results delivered instantly following use of a unique activation code.



DNA analysis

Our core DNA analysis test for first time decoders.

Mobile phone and DNA analysis kit

DNA sample collected via a non-invasive, self-administrated saliva test.

Results delivered 3-4 weeks following receipt confirmation.



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